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23/09/2006 · Layout the form in InDesign and save it as a PDF. Then, with Acrobat, you’ll create a fill-in form (or fillable form, I forget the terminology). Just use the Help feature in Acrobat. Basically, you’ll select the area you want the user to be able to fill in and enter the type specs, etc.
In this tutorial I show you how to create an interactive PDF within Adobe Indesign CC. An interactive PDF is one that can be interacted with by the user. An interactive PDF is …
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Making your PDF interactive is surprisingly easy in InDesign. The difficult part is getting the design right. If you have no prior knowledge of graphic design and are keen to give it a go yourself (high fives!), I recommend you do a little light reading on the fundamentals of design first –
Here is the process that I used to create an interactive PDF with a page curl for navigation from a multi-page InDesign document: 1. Export from InDesign the SWF file and be sure to select the interactive …
To make a PDF in InDesign, go to File > Export, or hit Command + E in your file. From this window, choose a location to save your file. From the From this window, choose a location to save your file.
2/10/2013 · Re: How to export an interactive pdf from InDesign at a smaller file size. key2creative Oct 2, 2013 2:41 AM ( in response to key2creative ) Okay – With the 15MB pdf, when I go into the PDF Optimizer dialog box, it’s telling me that the Fonts are using 40% and the Acrobat Forms are using 29%.
First post here and it’s not without some serious problems. I am trying to export an InDesign file as an interactive PDF, as the file contains fillable fields.
Then, I export the Indesign file as an interactive pdf. What I want, is for the swf file to automatically play when I reach the page that it is on (or on page load). However, what’s happening, is that when I get to the pdf page that the swf is on, there is just a generic image for a swf file and it says “click to activate”. When I click it, it plays. But I want it to play on page load

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